PSN restored. DLC, demos from PS Store still unavailable


The PlayStation Network was finally restored today but not without issue. After switching the service back on, Sony servers were quickly swamped with thousands of users trying to reset their account passwords. After switching the PSN off once again, the servers recovered and were brought back online later in the day.

PlayStation Store still down

As explained in previous posts, the PlayStation Store was not part of the phase one restoration. This means users are still unable to download DLC, game demos, or anything from the PlayStation Store. This is bad news for game developers, still left without a way to deliver important profitable content for their work.

Its still unclear if the game updates system is available to developers.

The new security measures now in-place mean that you need to provide your password to do, well pretty much anything in the account section. When you do set a new password, it’ll need to be a strong password. PSN passwords now need to be at least 8 characters in-length, mixed cases, can not use characters 3 times in a row, different to your PSN ID and different than your previous password. These requirements make PSN passwords the strongest of almost any online service. Lets hope Sony’s new security systems on the backend now encrypt passwords, otherwise password strength will be negated.

PlayStation Store still down

Check out a gallery of images of PSN coming back online.

Now go enjoy that Portal 2 multi-player, albeit a month later than expected.

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