Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) take delivery of first electric vehicle from Volvo Trucks

    Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) are moving towards electric vehicles and have taken the delivery of their first EV.

    In a landmark move for emergency services and sustainable transport in Australia, Volvo Trucks has delivered the first Volvo 6×4 FMX Heavy Duty Electric Prime Mover (FMX Electric).

    The milestone was celebrated at the Volvo’s Wacol factory, attended by special guests:

    • QFES Commissioner, Steve Smith AFSM
    • Minister for Fire and Disaster Recovery and Minister for Corrective Services, Hon. Nikki Boyd MP

    The Volvo 6×4 FMX Heavy Duty Electric Prime Mover (FMX Electric), will carry out operational tasks under QFES’ logistics command.

    The FMX Electric platform is quite versatile, available in a number of configurations including a Low day cab, day cab, low sleeper cab, sleeper cab, or Globetrotter cab.

    The battery pack ranges from 180-540 kWh, a significant pack size, compared to a passenger EV, but is capable of hauling up to 50 tonnes gross combination weight, with up to 300km of range.

    With a battery pack of this size, charging is an obvious question. The FMX Electric can be recharged in as little as 9.5 hours using AC (43 kW) power, or ​2.5h with DC (250 kW), depending on battery pack size.

    The driveline features 3 electric motors and something called an I-Shift gearbox which offers a smooth and powerful driving experience with traction control when driving on slippery surfaces. The motors are good for between 330–490 kW (450–666 hp) continuous power.

    Alongside the electric model, a second vehicle, a Volvo FMX 6×4 Prime Mover with the latest 13-litre Euro 6 technology, was delivered. This will operate alongside the fully electric model to assess the performance and emissions benefits of running on fossil-fuel-free Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) against diesel.

    Lauren Pulitano, Vice President of Public Affairs, Volvo Group Australia congratulated the QFES on its commitment to transitioning its fleet to more sustainable vehicles.

    “This delivery signifies not only a commitment to a cleaner future but also to innovation and leadership,”

    Lauren Pulitano, Vice President of Public Affairs, Volvo Group Australia

    “We are proud to be leading the nation in the effort to reduce our emissions. Both the electric and HVO-powered trucks will be trialled in a non-critical tier of response and operations, allowing us the ability to assess the benefits of the vehicles before adopting them further into the fleet.

    There are about 500 heavy vehicles in the Fire and Rescue fleet and another 1,030 in RFS, so this pilot plays a pivotal role in shaping the approach we take towards the decarbonisation of our service.” 

    QFES Commissioner Steve Smith AFSM

    This trial breaks new ground for Queensland’s emergency services and represents a significant step forward for greener transportation. The state government is proud to be forging ahead with this trial and the move toward decarbonizing the QFES fleet.

    The further adoption of electric and HVO-powered trucks will have a positive impact on all Queenslanders, through lower emissions and, in the case of electric vehicles, lower running costs.

    Minister for Fire and Disaster Recovery and Minister for Corrective Services Hon. Nikki Boyd MP

    Earlier in 2024, Volvo Group Australia committed to manufacturing battery electric vehicles in its facility at Wacol, building on its 50-year history of local manufacturing.

    “Our commitment to local manufacturing of electric vehicles in Wacol by as early as 2027 means that soon trucks, like this Volvo FMX, will be made right here in this factory.

    No one can get to zero emissions alone – we need partnerships. Industry, government, and other stakeholders all have a responsibility to work together to reduce emissions. Volvo is dedicated to partnering with Australian industry to decarbonise heavy transport. This is evident in the world-leading electric trucks, technology, and global experience we are bringing to Australia’s transition.”

    Lauren Pulitano, Vice President of Public Affairs, Volvo Group Australia
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