Race Sim Studio release Formula Hybrid 2023 with stunning detail for Assetto Corsa sim racers

    If you’re into sim racing, chances are you’ve played Assetto Corsa. The game has one of the biggest modding communities and is so popular that development studios make a living from building extensions to the game.

    Race Sim Studio has just released their F1 2023-spec car, known as Formula Hybrid 2023. If you’re into sim racing, one of the common things you’ll do is compare how close you can get to the real-life times in F1 and only with the latest-spec car are those time comparisons valid.

    You can now purchase the car from for
    £3.79 or A$7.09.

    This company says this is the most advanced vehicle they have ever made, based on the specifications of the 2023 Formula season, this new project features a complex, geometrically beautiful custom 3D model to our own unique design, with custom sounds directly recorded for a top-level Formula car, and detailed advanced physics creating an authentic driving experience.

    RSS has created similar Assetto Corsa F1 car mods in the past, responding to the seasonal updates of the sport. This year, they have implemented the Gomez Sim Industries Hyper P1 steering wheel, one of the finest sim racing wheels on the market faithfully represented in the virtual world for the first time ever.

    Product Features

    • Two vehicle models based on one proprietary chassis to the Formula 2023 rule-set
    • One high quality engine sound 
    • One advanced vehicle physics with optional physics extension for CSP users (version 1.79 and above)
    • 22 highly detailed unique RSS liveries

    RSS has also released a nice YouTube video that showcases the car in action.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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