Radio controlled 1:15 scale model of the Airbus A-380


There’s loving radio controlled vehicles, then there’s building a 4.8 meter A-380. This 1:15 scale model of the Airbus A-380 is a radio controlled airplane to steal the heart of every boy (and man). Weighing in at more than 70kg, this this is not for the feint hearted and could cause some serious damage if it were to crash.

Build by Peter Michel of Switzerland and piloted by Michael Bräuer, the RC plane is seen hitting the runway, accelerating hard thanks to the 4x JETCAT P120 jet turbines which each pump out around 30 pounds of thrust. The 5.3 meter wingspan make the puny humans look tiny by comparison.

It can be flown for just 8 minutes before the fuel runs out, so international trips are unfortunately out of the question. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what’s possible when you have a lot of excess time and money. Cheers to the creators, it’s awesome this exists.. now give me the controls.


Now you’ve heard the detail, it’s time to watch the amazing jet-powered flight and well controlled landing.

More information at:, via UberGizmo

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