Razer Seiren BT: compact wireless audio

Box comes with everything you need to start streaming on the go. Image by TechAU.

Today, Razer has just released a new, compact version of the Razer Seiren. The Razer Seiren series is a line of microphones for streaming. Now, the Seiren has been squished into a USB sized device, designed for streaming on the go. We got our hands on the Razer Seiren BT to give you all the details on Day 1 of the launch.

Out of the box

The Razer Seiren BT comes with everything you’ll need. Aside from the media device itself, ie. phone or camera. Out of the box, you get the Seiren BT microphone, two different types of socks, USB-C cable, and the coveted Razer snake sticker.

The socks are great for blocking out unwanted sounds. The Windsock does a decent job in outdoor environments. If you’re planning on streaming indoors in a noisy setting, such as a loud office, construction site or a convention, you’ll want to use the squishy sock to block out the background noise.

Sleek windsock is great for blocking out the noise for indoor environments.
Fluffy wind sock is perfect for outdoor streaming.

Compact size

I couldn’t find a 50c coin for comparison – who carries coins around these days – so I’ve compared the Seiren BT against some of my favourite Razer products. It really is tiny. This compact size makes it ideal for videos. The microphone can be subtly hidden, using the clip to attach to the subject’s shirt. It almost looks like a USB stick, so don’t go trying to plug it into your PC!

The Razer Seiren BT microphone against the Razer Wolverine controller (left) and Razer Kraken headset (right).

Connecting the Seiren BT to your phone

The first thing you’ll need to do is turn on the Seiren BT. This is rather intuitive and requires the user to long-press the button on the left side of the microphone. A blue light starts flashing as with most Bluetooth devices. Open your phone and go to your Bluetooth settings and the Seiren BT should be listed. Click the Seiren BT and follow the prompts.

This whole process was really easy, intuitive (I didn’t have to follow any instructions), and very quick. Now that you have your phone connected, you’re ready to go.

The Razer Seiren BT looks sleek and compact.

Using the Seiren BT microphone

The Seiren BT microphone is designed specifically for live streaming. You’ll need to use Streamlabs in order to use the microphone. Streamlabs streams to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok; all your favourite platforms. If you were planning on using the microphone for video recording, you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, phones’ native camera and recording applications don’t support Bluetooth devices. Using Streamlabs allows you to select your audio source, and bypass the native application limitations.

Screenshot by TechAU

The Seiren BT microphone is compatible with most phones. I tested in on the new Samsung Fold 3, as well as an older Samsung Note 9. According to Razer, the microphone is compatible with:

  • iPhone 8 and above
  • Samsung S7 and above
  • iPad 6th Generation and above
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A and above
  • Oneplus 6 and above
  • Huawei Mate 20 and above
  • Operating System: iOS 13 and above, and Android 9 and above

It’s perfect for live streaming on the go, and I expect to see many Twitch streamers walking around with these at PAX Aus. You can pick up the Razer Seiren BT for $169.95 AUD ($99.99 USD)

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