Readiculous is a ridiculously good RSS Reader for Windows 8


Readiculous is a brand new Windows 8 app to read your RSS Feeds. While some are calling RSS dead, its apps like this that will keep it alive and well. After installing the app, you’ll be met with a prompt to connect to your Google Reader account. This gives you a fantastic headstart and doesn’t make you re-add feeds like some competing apps.

Developed by Infinite Square who are located in France, they clearly have a great sense of design. The app takes advantage of almost every new feature available in Windows 8 apps (aka Metro apps). There’s transition animations when moving around the app and in particular, when moving through your feed items.

There’s Symantec Zoom for that overview look at your massive list of feeds, which then enables you to get right to the one you’re after.  Of course there’s the Share contract (source) that enables articles to be posted to any of the growing list of apps that are listed as Share targets like MetroTwit, Mail, Fliptoast and many more.

Even more impressive is that Readiculous is also a Share target itself. This means as you browse sites that are RSS enabled, you simply use your charms bar to share that site to Readiculous and it’ll find the feed and allow you to subscribe.

There’s also live tiles with a count of the unread items. Strangely one the only exceptions in functionality seems to be search. I’d look to future releases for this to be added, but otherwise it’s a well designed, seriously professional RSS Reader.


The app costs A$2.49 for the Windows Store, but does include a free trial. If this app becomes something you’ll use everyday the price is entirely justified.

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