Red Bull gives you wings and wheels, Whincup take the V8SC to a beach


    If you only watch one video today, it should be this one. Red Bull are known for their amazing stunts, but this one is close to home. Aussie racing fans will enjoy the gorgeous backdrop of the beaches of Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. In a race between plane and car, it wasn’t much of a race, with only wind resistance to deal with, the plane was faster, but the V8 Supercar was facing a severe loss of traction across the wet sand.

    “It definitely got the adrenalin pumping today on the beach with the Red Bull stunt plane”. “It was crazy – certainly something I’ve never done before.” Whincup said.

    V8 Supercars have been teasing this week with photos of the event, but today we finally get the video. Captured in glorious 1080p thanks to GoPro cameras, the shots are unique and we can only imagine how difficult it was to sort permission for this. Of course this is all promotion for this weekend’s Gold Coast 600, which kicks off on Friday, October 25th.


    It is impressive just how close the very plane and car came during the race, it’d be a close call between the costs as well. While you’re watching the video, check out how loose the car gets, at times its part drift and part out of control. While watching the video, the pilot’s voice seemed pretty familiar and there’s a great reason for that.. he was my pilot for my amazing 8G aerobatic flight.


    So now for the action clip, it’s only 1:18 long, I would have easily watched 10 times that.

    For more information, head to V8 Supercars.

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