Renault unveils their 2017 F1 car, looks like an angry honeybee

    Renault Sport F1 are the latest to unveil their Formula 1 car for the 2017 series. Known as the R.S.17, the car ditches the full yellow livery in favour of a more aggressive black and yellow combination which looks great. The design is complimented by the yellow striped Pirelli tyres.

    Again we see the shark fin above the engine cover, a common theme emerging with this year’s cars. The rear wing is lower, wider and along with the front wing which looks far more sophisticated in its aerodynamics than last year.

    The lucky pilots of this beauty are Nico Hulkenberg and Jolyon Palmer.

    If you couldn’t watch the event live, Renault have made it available on demand. It’s a pretty long webcast, but ahead of the reveal (around the 9 minute mark), key personnel from Renault, including their head of motorsport and CTO answered questions which provides insight into why they’re in Formula 1.

    The category allows Renault to increase brand awareness on a global stage, but interestingly Thierry Koskas, EVP Sales & Marketing for the Renault Group said,

    Formula 1 is part of our DNA, we’ve been in this race for 40 years. we’ve won 12 titles.

    Its a permanent source of inspiration, not only because it enables us to showcase innovation, but also because our activity is facing big challenges, autonomous driving is arriving, electric cars, connected cars and so.. and the mindset is something that inspires us.


    Skip forward to the 34:45 mark to watch the car reveal.

    Of course if you want to stay in touch with Renault during this season, make sure you follow them on social media.


    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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