/r/etro is the best Reddit app on Windows 8


/r/etro describes itself as ‘a new kind of Reddit application for a new kind of operating system.’ The great news is that it absolutely lives up to this claim. Most of us who use Reddit quickly migrate from a terribly design website to a 3rd party app to get our latest news and subreddits.

If you’re running Windows 8, you’ll be very familiar with the clean UI design of applications and /r/etro is a fantastic example of this. Searching the Win8 Store for Reddit will return dozens of results, but to be honest, most are terrible. Either bad designs, or limited functionality, thankfully someone has done it right.

The front page of /r/etro is a quick and simple way to see what’s new on Reddit. After you sign in, these become your favourite subreddits. You can also search for any additional subreddits and one of my favourite features is J and K keyboard shortcuts to quickly move through stories just like the old days of Google Reader. If a Reddit post contains a website, that page is shown in full and video playback is also enabled.

If you’re a Reddit pro users, you may have multiple accounts, naturally in a pro application like this, multi-accounts are supported. The app even supports pinning subreddits, animated gifs, voting, sharing and threaded comments. The list of features in /r/etro is simply astonishing.

For those mature adults amongst the readers, there’s also an option to enable NSFW posts. This is off by default.


Developed by Dylan Deverill, all I can say is thankyou Sir. The app has certainly increased my use of Reddit.

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