Review: Energizer Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlight

    Humans are pretty talented, but even though its 2017, we still can’t see in the dark. Our lives don’t stop when the sun goes down, so it’d be great if you could continue to be productive in the darker hours of the day. Thankfully there’s a range of companies now making wearable technology and now the big name of Energizer have a solution with the Vision HD+ Focus Headlight. This multi-purpose light is like a torch strapped to your head which leaves your hands-free to take care of any jobs and activities that demand the use of both hands.

    After snapping in 3 AAA batteries to the Energizer Vision LED Headlights, its a simple press of the power button to activate and another press to cycle through the 3 modes – white (high & low), red (night vision). The headlight is also weatherproof and has a shatterproof lens, to make it useful in more applications, is actually really comfortable to wear with an adjustable, elastic non-slip headband. This adjustment means it’ll fit heads of any size which makes it great to have in the cupboard for any family member to use.

    One of the more unique features of this product is its ability to focus the light at different distances. You do this by pressing and holding the left button and in seconds the brightness shifts closer, or further away. This isn’t dimming the light, but refocusing it, hence the name. Energizer have included the smarts to ensure your last setting is preserved, so you can pickup where you left off, each time you wear it.

    Lets be perfectly clear, there’s no micro-projector built into this product, so the HD+ really has no place being in the name of an LED headlamp. That said, in the brightest mode, it does deliver a really bright environment for you to see in. Energizer says this is 4x brighter than standard LED technology at 250 lumens and is capable of a the maximum distance of as much as 80 meters. Practically I couldn’t find a use for a distance that large, more commonly the 10-15 meters in front of you as you walk, avoiding obstacles or to find things you need to interact with. If you happen to drop something on the ground and are searching for it, the headlight can be snapped down at around 40 degrees, taking strain off your neck.

    The product uses are really diverse and Aimed to make everyday life easier, Energizer LED headlights offer a useful range of lightweight and versatile lighting products and provide a practical solution for those tasks that require two hands.

    Whether it be for weekend DIY tasks, cycling enthusiasts, trade work or adventurous outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking or caving, the headlights include a pivoting head so light can be directed where it’s needed, shatterproof lens, 50 hours runtime, adjustable non-slip headstrap and a range of brightness and beam distances.

    Battery life

    You can expect to get around 50 hours on the low mode, but expect to use the full power more often. That will diminish the battery life you get out of the 3x AAA batteries, but even at half that time, its a perfectly acceptable length of time. If you plan on buying this for use on a regular basis, like training dogs etc, then you’re likely to use rechargeable batteries.


    • Max brightness | 250 lumens
    • Max runtime | 50 hours
    • Max beam distance | 80m
    • 3 light modes – white high, white low and night vision
    • Digital focus of light beam with a touch of button
    • Memory recall – return to last focus settings
    • Weatherproof ANSI FL1 IPX4
    • Pivoting head
    • Shatterproof lens
    • Adjustable non-slip headstrap

    Price and Availability

    The Energizer Vision HD+ Focus Headlight costs A$48.99. There’s certainly cheaper products on the market, but this range of features probably justifies the sticker price. At that price, Energizer have to understand this isn’t a purchase for every household like $10 product would be, but people looking for a serious solution to use on a regular basis will easily be able to justify the investment.

    The Energizer Vision Headlights are available in leading hardware, grocery and outdoor retailers. Energizer Vision Headlights are available in leading hardware, grocery and outdoor retailers.

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    This headlamp is versatile in its applications, reliable in that it uses a simple combination of batteries and LEDs, while being weatherproof and pretty resistant to falls. Sometimes a product functions are more than the sum of its parts and this is a great example of that. It gives you more time in your day to be productive, so when the sun goes down, you can still enjoy work or play. Weather it working under the hood of your car, checking on your pets in the back yard or embarking on some bushwalking, the Energizer Vision HD+ Focus Headlight is a product that works as advertised.

    Its easy to use and something you can hand to the kids and not worry about them destroying. Its bright enough to see what you need to and lasts for up to 50 hours, nice work Energizer, the product is solid, I just wish it was cheaper so more people could own one and have on the shelf for that once a year event where you need it.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
    Creator of techAU, Jason has spent the dozen+ years covering technology in Australia and around the world. Bringing a background in multimedia and passion for technology to the job, Cartwright delivers detailed product reviews, event coverage and industry news on a daily basis. Disclaimer: Tesla Shareholder from 20/01/2021


    1. You will not get anywhere NEAR half the low-brightness burn time, when using the high-brightness setting. 3xAAA’s and 250 lumens and you’ll be lucky to get more than 4-5 hours max, nowhere near 25 hours that you implied in this article. I have several headlamps from cheap to expensive and none of them can work magic. There’s only so much energy that fits into small AAA cells. 4-5 hours is still a lot of time if just used sporadically, but if you’re going out into the bush for a several hours hike or working on your car then those hours whittle by quickly. I prefer Eneloop rechargeables I can just take with me to swap out – but still, I wanted to point out no-one is getting 25 hours unless it’s only suitable for reading in a tent or something.

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