Review of the Samsung Galaxy S4, and how to win one


I’ve been lucky enough to test out the new Samsung Galaxy S4, as part of Virgin Mobile Australia’s Handset Tester Team; and I’ve also been supplied a brand new GS4 from Vodafone to giveaway.

I’ve been using the GS4 as my primary phone for about a month now, and I am in love with. It was only one year ago when I though my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc was a good phone. Now, when I look at that, it feels like I am going back to the Nokia 3310.

Samsung has taken smartphones to a completely new level, and I think the iPhone has a lot of catch-up to do. Here is a video I created for Virgin Mobile of all the features I like about the GS4.

The phone has a 5 inch, full HD Super AMOLED display (1920×1080 441ppi), which displays the sharpest picture you could hope for on a phone today. However, the phone can be a little awkward to use one-handed, especially reaching for the back button for those people (like me) who hold their phones in the left hand.

It is powered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, which I love as an OS, with both Play Store, and Samsung’s own App store.

The Camera

The Camera, although looks impressive, I’m not a huge fan of it. The quality of pictures are very similar to my Xperia Arc, and the photos don’t have that professional photo feel to them. However, I do love the quality of the video providing there have enough light, otherwise it is a little grainy. Although, when you upload a video to Facebook, a 1.3MB webcam has better quality as Facebook severely reduces the quality. However, when watching a video on your TV or computer, the picture, and the stereo sound is amazing. The camera is also packed with some amazing features, such as the ability to take photos using both front and rear camera at the same time, taking action shots, and photos with sound.



S Health

I really like the S Health App. It is something that I use every day, especially to see how active I am. Samsung’s S Health App is a pedometer, food tracker, exercise track, and more.

food tracker

Watch On

You always have your phone in your pocket, but the TV remote is always lost behind the couch. The solution, use your mobile phone to turn on/off your TV, adjust the volume, change channels and more. The App works well with most TV’s, and really good when visiting a friend’s house to pull a prank on them.

gs4 remote

Don’t Touch The Phone

Other features I like is the fact you don’t  need to touch your phone to do things.

  • Want to pause a video? Look away
  • Want to scroll up or down browsing the net? Just look up or down or swipe up and down over the phone
  • Want to answer a phone call? Swipe your hand over the phone
  • Want to scroll through our pictures? Just swipe left to right over the phone
  • Want to read a text message without unlocking your screen? Just point at the SMS.
  • Want to send a text while driving? Just say “send text message”

gs4 settings

Check out the hands on review of the Samsung Galaxy S4

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How to Win a Samsung Galaxy S4

Now that you are in love with the phone as much as I am, how do you win one? Thanks to Vodafone for supplying the device, and Virgin Mobile for providing the review unit, check out the Samsung Galaxy S4 Giveaway page, and enter into Jack Cola’s Freebies.


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