Review: RevoDrive 3 x2 and RevoDrive Hybrid

Last October I was knee deep in SSD technology. Drives here, drives there, drives everywhere, and 2012 is looking to be no different! Today we bring to you OCZ’s well known and critically acclaimed RevoDrive Hybrid, and their enterprise level RevoDrive 3 x2.

Testing Rig:

Motherboard: ASUS M4A89GTD PRO USB3
CPU: AMD Phenom x4 955 Black Edition @ 3.8Ghz
RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz G-Skill Ripjaws X (9-9-9-24)
GPU: GTX 580 (1.5GB)

Note: All drives were benchmarked as is, out of the box.

Testing Programs:

AS SSD – 1.6.4237.30508
ATTO Disk Benchmark – 2.47
HD Tune Pro – 4.61

As I mentioned above today we have the high priced and even higher performance 480GB RevoDrive 3 x2, and the consumer orientated RevoDrive Hybrid, boasting 1TB of traditional HDD space with a 100MB SSD.

Both drives were wiped before having Windows 7 64 bit installed on them. We then took the drives through a series of tests and benchmarks using common tools, the data and results of which have been provided below for review.

We’ve also included data from the RevoDrive x2 to compared alongside the newest iteration. It is however important to remember that both storage devices are PCI-e, and as such you shouldn’t expect to get similar performance from a SATA based SSD.

Test One: AS SSD

A common tool used to benchmark traditional Solid State Drives as well as having the ability to benchmark other drives and devices, AS SSD is a great piece of software. We ran all three drives through AS SSD’s extensive tests and compiled the raw data into easy to read graphs.

The sequential read and write test of AS SSD provides valuable information into the writing and reading mechanics of any drive. How fast the drive can write large amounts of data reflects how suitable the drive may be for tasks such as video rendering that reward faster dumps.

The RevoDrive Hybrid boasts a traditional SATA based 900 GB HDD connected to the 100GB PCI-e connected SSD. Through a caching program that OCZ supplies, the drive is able to perform the actions of a normal hard drive with the speed benefits of an SSD. The 390 MB/s read that the Hybrid’s SSD posted is quite impressive, while the 149 MB/s write failed to impress me.

Posting huge results, the 480 GB RevoDrive 3 resulted in a thud echoing out through my house as the drive managed to hit over 750 MB/s and 534 MB/s in the read and write tests respectively.

The 4K-64 Thrd read and write tests give us an insight into the SSD’s ability to load programs, and fast. So if you had a program that needs to load 80MB into RAM, and your 4k-64 result is 80MB/s, it would take two seconds to load said program.

The RevoDrive 3 x2 shot out ahead smashing tboth records that the x2 set last year. While the results for the Hybrid’s SSD look miniscule they’re actually quite good, and only just fall behind the Crucial m4 256GB SATA SSD we tested back in September.

The titular access time test does exactly that, test how quickly AS SSD can access the read and write functions of your drive.

Neither the Hybrid nor RevoDrive 3 x2 managed to best the writest test of the older RevoDrive, however the Hybrid managed to beat both with an impressive 0.042 ms response in the read testing. Talk about a surprise!

The German flag colouring returns once again and with it the AS SSD Overall Score. This final AS SSD test provides a final representative score that depicts the total performance of each drive.

The RevoDrive 3 x2 excelled in the overall score, posting not only the highest score in techAU history, but also the highest score I have ever seen. The Hybrid’s SSD posted an accumulative score just lower than the 240GB Agility 3. Quite impressive for such a small sized drive, but a testament to the impressive hardware OCZ produces.

Test Two: ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO Disk Benchmark (ATTO from here on out) is one of the most reliable disk storage benchmarking tools available. The freeware tool is widely accepted across the internet for providing accurate figures and results.

OCZ RevoDrive 3 x2 480 GB PCI-e SSD

The RevoDrive 3 x2 lived up to the hardware promises both on the packaging and on the internet.

Max reads of 1.5 GB/s and max writes of 1.25 GB/s are simply amazing, and definitely show the enterprise targeted usage of the 480GB model. We saw almost maximum speeds in both read and write from halfway through the test.

It’s good to see the speeds were maintained throughout the far end of the ATTO testing, proving that the drive can maintain high speeds and not just hit them occasionally.

OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 100 GB PCI-e SSD

The 100 GB SSD on the Hybrid performed incredibly well and outperformed and even managed to outperform the RevoDrive x2 PCI-e SSD.

Maximum reads and writes of 995 MB/s and 824 MB/s respectively really show the performance the sensibly priced drive is able to output. It’s also worth noting that with the caching software that OCZ provides the drive performs even better over time, so you could probably expect to just break the 1 GB/s mark after a few days.

Test Three: HD Tune Pro

We used HD Tune Pro in our testing to determine a number of factors in the read only division. Firstly, the program shows the IOPS performance of the drive on both the 512 bytes level, the 1 MB level and when used in a random fashion. We were then able to find out the average speed of the drive across all three size levels, as well as the access time.

OCZ RevoDrive 3 x2 480 GB PCI-e SSD

The random test of HD Tune Pro showed off an impressive speed of 971 MB/s, which not only shows us something we’ve already seen, but proves the drive can perform impressive all the time.

Although high, the IOPS count was lower than that of the RevoDrive x2 by almost 6,000 operations per second. The max access time was also quite long during the 512 byte testing, posting up 32 m/s.

OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 100 GB PCI-e SSD

The Hybrid basically tops everything we have on record here at techAU. Despite understandably posting slower speeds than the RevoDrive 3, it wiped the board in everything else, posting the highest IOPS scores we have, and the fastest average access times too.

I can’t help but wonder how fast and powerful the Hybrid would be with a 256GB SSD as opposed to the smaller 100 GB model, but I guess OCZ’s hardware engineers found the perfect balance between performance and cost.


RevoDrive 3 x2 – If I was asked to use any SSD (Whether PCI-e or SATA based) I would without even pondering the question choose the RevoDrive 3. Insane performance up and over the 1 GB/s mark, more than enough storage, and low power consumption make this the leader when it comes to benchmarking.

Unfortunately the just price puts this out of reach for many consumers, and ultimately cements it a spot as an enterprise level piece of hardware and storage technology.

RevoDrive Hybrid – The RevoDrive Hybrid is the sensible install point for someone who wants SSD technology and performance but doesn’t want to sacrifice speed, storage, or their savings.

As you saw in the results above, the Hybrid kept up with higher capacity performance based drives, however whether that is due to the great caching software or PCI-e interface remains to be seen. Either way, the Hybrid is a product I highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

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