RGB Tesla Model 3 may be the most severe mod yet

Tesla Tested teased a new video on Twitter

Since the days of Fast and Furious back in 2001, adding lights to your car has been a path to personalisation that can reflect the owner. Back then neon was used, but now the world has moved on to multicolour RGB LED lights. These are used in creative lighting solutions in your gaming rig, to on your walls or ambient lighting around your home.

In a new video by Fantazy Motorsports, they perform one of the most severe mods to a Tesla Model 3 I’ve seen so far. One of the best parts of the mod is the video shows the interior being stripped out and showcases parts of the car rarely seen. Some of it’s not easy to watch, but it does all snap back together in the end.

The 4 minute video walks you through the amazing deconstruction, lighting installation and reassembly for one truly unique look.

The product used is a fiber optic lighting system from xkglow which includes the dash ,doors,center console, kick panels and foot wells.

The Tesla Model 3 used was the white on white colour scheme, so the interior lighting offered great reflections off the white interior.

The whole lighting setup is controlled through a mobile app, much like LIFX or Hue. There’s over 16 million color options, as well as the ability to set custom patterns, control fade and transition speeds, brightness and basically configure it to match your mood.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this Model 3 mod, is it something you’d do to your car?

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