Robert Scoble loves Australia, hitting the town with Kogan


One of the biggest tech celebrities, Robert Scoble is in the country for duties with Rackspace. Scoble’s day job, if you can call it a job, is to interview startups that are trying to change the world. Apparently he’s enamoured with our lovely country, he says he has been wowed by Shoes of Prey, a company that will create custom shoes for you.

With policies like a full refund if it doesn’t fit, it’s easy to see why. This is a company that gets consumer’s thirst for a custom product and has a worked out the distribution issues associated with ordering a piece of clothing online.

When a startup makes me think I’m the wrong gender then you know they have an impressive idea.

Finally Scoble finishes his glowing report on Aussie startups by saying he’s off to drinks with successful entrepreneur Ruslan Kogan. With two quite eccentric individuals out on the town in Sydney with plenty of drinks under their belt, I can’t see how this could go wrong at all. Especially when one of those people is wearing Google Glass.

It’s great have an internet celebrity (4 Million+ people circled him on Google+) talk kindly of Australia and gives our startups international exposure. If you see the man out, shout him a drink.


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