Rumour: Has AMD’s Bulldozer CPU line-up been delayed… again?

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If there’s anything that has gotten my tech junkie senses tingling it’s the upcoming launch of AMD’s octo-core processors codenamed "Bulldozer".

Plagued by a number of release delays, fake and legitimate benchmarking results and sketchy announcements, the Bulldozer lineup might have been delayed once again.

John Fruehe, the Director of Product Marketing at AMD wrote a blog entry titled "The Start of a New Era" on which he was interacting with consumers and fans alike. One fan asked about the desktop version of Interlagos (AMD’s new server CPU) to which Fruehe responded:

"Interlagos is a server part, there is no desktop variant. The client version of Bulldozer is Zambezi and it will launch in Q4."

This news comes despite the rumored late-September release of the new chip.

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