Samsung bringing transparent LCD to the masses

South-Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung plans to take our IronMan/Minority Report dreams and turn them into reality. Current screen technology is horrible with its black backing, preventing you from keeping an eye on that really active wall behind.

Samsung transparent display

While Samsung have been able to create transparent LCD’s up to 46”, the consumer version will start at a mere 22”. So while it’s unlikely to take the corporate display world by storm, it would make for an amazing desktop conversation piece.

Samsung transparent 46 display

While a transparent display rates about a 12/10 on the cool scale, it’d likely be a lot more useful when combined with a touchscreen. A touch-enabled transparent display could allow for interactive overlayed information, a truly awesome user experience.

If you want to kick it old-school, there’ll be a black & white version, as well as a colour version for people born after 1970. The technology gets even better when you discover the power savings to be had by using ambient light to achieve its brightness, rather than the power-hungry backlight used in today’s LCD panels.

The displays will run 1680×1050 resolution, pretty typical for a 22” display. There’s no word on cost or local availability, but props to Samsung for innovating in display technology in a way that’s not 3D.

More info @ Gizmag

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