Samsung Galaxy S IV rumour roundup

At 9AM tomorrow morning Samsung will be unveiling its next latest and greatest in the Android world. So what can we expect to see? Will it live up to the hype?

1. OS and TouchWiz
It’s a fairly safe bet that the device will be running Android’s latest version, Jellybean 4.2 and be coated deep with Samsung’s TouchWiz UX. From claimed screenshots that we’ve seen, the style of the TouchWiz user-interface doesn’t look too different from what has been on the Galaxy S III and Note II. Feature wise, its been heavily rumoured that it will have an eye scrolling feature; I think we will see many touchless features like this and a ‘floating touch’ ability on the device. It has also been rumoured that Samsung will be included ‘Samsung Orb’ to take 360 degree panorama shots.

2. Display
The screen has been one of the most rumoured and talked about features of the device and it will almost certainly be a 4.99inch 1920×1080 SoLux screen, ditching the AMOLED technology of its previous devices. The fact that HTC and Sony have unveiled Full HD screens means that Samsung all but has to include it in its latest device to keep leading the game in the Android world. It also matches up to Samsung’s previously indicicated plans to have a Full HD 5inch screen at some point in the future.


2. Design
A couple of days ago we saw the supposed leaked pictures of the Galaxy S IV which showed a poly-carbonate plastic body like previous generations with a more edge to edge screen. In previous years this has been fine, but Sony’s and HTC’s latest designs have upped the standard again for high-end Android devices design. I hope the leaked photo’s are in fact fake, otherwise Samsung’s design will leave them far behind the competition in this department.


3. The Inside
As with each year, the inside specs usually see a good bump. This year, expect to see 2 gigs of ram and hopefully Samsungs Exynos Octa processor for the non-4G version and the lightning fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 used in the HTC One and Asus Padfone Infinity for the 4G version. Memory wise, it’s also a safe bet that there will be 32GB and 64GB models, but I wouldn’t cross out the possibility of a 128GB model too. Other rumoured parts include Qi wireless charging and dual-sim support; I’m not too sure about the likelihood of dual-sim slots, as carriers don’t really like this, but wireless charging certainly seems like an obvious feature to have. Battery life has been a problem right from day 1 with the current generation of ‘super phones’ so the Galaxy S IV will have to find a way to help combat that, most likely by upping the size from the Galaxy S III’s 2100mAh battery to around the 2300-2600mAh territory.

4. Camera 
Since Nokia’s PureView camera’s have been released, phone manufacturers have all been trying hard to get their flagship camera’s up to the new par. Some have tried with megapixels (Sony, LG) and others have gone the complete other direction and focused more on light (HTC). So what will Samsung do? Rumours have suggested a 13mp camera on the back and a 2mp camera on the front, both capable of 720/1080p video recording. On top of that, I’d expect there to be some sort of image processing technology and a larger sensor to keep up with the competition. There are also some leaked images over at Androsym as seen below that back this up.


These speculations and rumours could all be on par or all be way off the mark, but we will find out for sure at 9AM tomorrow morning when the device is unveiled in New York.

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