Samsung Navibot S, top-of-the-line cleaning robot, costs $1,000+

Samsung NaviBot S

Samsung have launched a new robotic floor cleaner today called NaviBot S. The automated floor cleaning robot uses a combination of an on-board camera, a suite of sensors and infra-red detection to navigate your house. After the cleaning has completed, the NaviBot S returns to its base for charging which takes 3 hours.

Known to other robots as SR8980, the Ni-MH powered NaviBot weighs in at 3.7kg and makes 73db of quietness while you’re at work. The device features moves at a blistering 0.3 meters per second while cleaning and has a 0.6 Liter dust capacity. This little black oversized hockey puck has a trick up a its sleeve, it can dump its contents to a larger waste bin, meaning its always ready for your mess.

If you’re thinking the Navibot can replace your made, or free up more time to watch the footy, then put your feet up and let Samsung’s latest device take care of cleaning both carpet, lino or tiles, as long as the join isn’t more than 1.5cm in height.

The Samsung NaviBot S (SR8980) is available now for RRP $1,299 – includes Auto Dust Emptying and two Virtual Guard beacons, aka do not cross lines. The grey-only baby brother SR8950, is available now for RRP $1,099.

These new top of the line models aren’t yet on the Samsung website, what you will find is the older models which are much more affordable. Samsung launched their first robotic cleaner back in 2005, which started out at over 200mm, the latest iteration is just 80mm in height.

Samsung Roomba competitor

More information available at Samsung.

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