Samsung OLED TV has sexy curves, now available


Samsung’s magical curved OLED TV is now available in Australia. If this sexy design is a must have for you, you’d better be quick with only limited stock available. OLED offers unrivalled picture quality, contrast ratio and colour reproduction and for many years was limited to small expensive panels. Now the technology has evolved to enable a curved display.

While you may think this is designed for a single male to enjoy, the reality is this Samsung Smart TV has a neat feature, Multi-view. This allows two people to watch different sources on the one amazing 55 inch screen, with each able to enjoy amazing video and sound through Samsung active 3D glasses.

If you’re not ready for a 4KTV, but have some money burning a hole in your pocket, then this is the premium TV you’ve been looking for. It’s beautiful, it’s OLED and it’s curved.


You can see the full gallery over at Samsung Australia’s Facebook Page or more info @ Samsung

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