Samsung responds to expensive price with cheaper NaviBot Light

Samsung Navibot Light

Samsung released the premium floor cleaning robot, the Navibot S back in May this year. It took a lot of criticism due to it’s starting price being in excess of $1,000 when competitors like Roomba were half that. Well fast forward a few months and there’s a new Navibot Light on offer.

The new model still has the quality Samsung design and looks the incredible. Looking great is one thing, but more importantly, how well is it going to clean your floors?

Visionary Mapping System

The NaviBot Light creates a map of your house using an onboard camera and a suite of advanced sensors. The Visionary Mapping™ System can capture images at 30 frames per second with the onboard camera, creating a map of your house and plotting what it determines to be the optimum route to achieve outstanding cleaning coverage.

This system also creates a virtual map that assists the device in deciding a quick and safe route while cleaning. The NaviBot Light’s clever cognitive mapping technology uses two CPU control chips, which serve as the ‘brain’ behind its intelligent navigation program.


Width: 355mm, length: 90mm
Navigation System: Visionary Mapping
Ni-MH Battery
Recharging Time – 120 mins (approx.), Running Time – 90 mins (approx.)
Four cleaning modes: auto/spot/max/manual
2x side brushes that can cope with Pet hair
EPA 11 Filter
Remote control, Auto Docking
3x cliff sensors so it won’t fall down the stairs
3x anti-tangle sensors
Soft & wide rubber guard to protect the Navibot and your furniture
Auto-stop at lifting makes it safe around kids
LED display

Pricing and Availability

The Samsung NaviBot Light (SR8751) is available now for a RRP of just $599.00.

It’s great to see Samsung respond to consumer interest in the automated cleaning category and produce an entry-level, affordable product. The Navibot Light is a much more compelling, competitive product than their last attempt which I can’t imagine sold in high volumes.

I wouldn’t expect the same result as the top of the line model, but comparable to similarly priced models. Given there’s also no information on volume levels, I’d expect this one to be a little noisier, but you’ll likely be at work when it’s doing it’s magic, so hardly and issue to be concerned about.

It may not be the cheapest, but if you like all of your electronics to look stylish while working for you, then you should consider the Navibot Light. With Christmas only weeks away, the timing of this release couldn’t be better.

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