Samsung’s latest Robot Vacuum, the POWERbot VR7000 works with Amazon Echo

    Its still a dream for many households to say goodbye to vacuuming forever, but Samsung’s latest robot vacuum may be the one for you. The POWERbot VR7000 just got announced at CES and offers a number of upgrades over previous models. The new unit features powerful suction and slim design at just 97mm high, it is 28% slimmer than previous Samsung robot vacuums.

    The new design is aimed squarely at consumers who demand better automated cleaning. As a Roomba 980 owner I’ve often come home only to have search the house for the robot, after checking every room of the house I usually find its closed a door on itself. If the POWERbot VR7000 could avoid that, it’d be a big step forward.

    You’ll notice the POWERbot VR7000 has a flat edge on one side and that’s to enable it clean right up to the wall. The ‘Edge Clean Master’ feature enables the unit to come within 15mm of the wall with its 288mm brush, the widest among leading brands. There’s even an automatic shutter that drops down a barrier to help the device sweep up more dust close to the edges.

    The POWERbot VR7000’s unique Self-Cleaning Brush System significantly reduces the amount of dust and hair that gets trapped in the bristles. While you still will have to empty your robot from time to time, you should be able to avoid cleaning the robot itself.

    Smarter Than Ever

    Now for the fun stuff. The POWERbot VR7000 is equipped with several intelligent features that improve performance. A vision mapping system and second generation FullView Sensor, allow the the VR7000 to map and remember the contours of the room to provide thorough cleaning. Later, it can guide itself to dirty areas on any surface. It can also detect and work around obstacles or small items (less than 10mm) this means you should be able to skip on sorting through the trash for that rare screw you dropped on the floor, a very welcome feature indeed.

    The Intelligent Power Control feature automatically adjusts the level of suction power, optimizing cleaning functions according to surface type. For instance, when it moves from a hardwood floor onto a carpet or rug, the motor adjusts suction power to the surface for optimal performance. This is smart and helps the robot work more efficiently and do its work in less time.

    Samsung are on a tear with connecting their home appliances and devices and the POWERbot VR7000 is no exception. This Wi-Fi enabled IoT-device is fully controllable remotely by an app on your phone. You can start or stop the machine, schedule cleaning times, and check the cleaning history. My favourite feature is the POWERbot VR7000 is compatible with Amazon Echo so consumers can control it using voice commands.

    “The POWERbot VR7000 keeps up with the floor care needs of today’s busy families,” said Byung-Sam Seo, President of Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics. “Just set it and watch it go to work. The POWERbot™ VR7000’s navigational features and sensors combined with slim design and increased suction power help make sure the job gets done.”


    The POWERbot VR7000 has received a 2017 CES Innovation Award recognizing its sleek new design and ability to cover even the most hard to reach places.

    Director Home Appliances, Samsung Electronics Australia, Jeremy Senior has confirmed good news for Aussies.

    Samsung Electronics Australia can confirm that the POWERbot™ VR7000 will be available in Australia.

    While we don’t have a specific date and price yet, this is certainly one I’d love to review and give the voice commands a try “Alexa, clean my house” is a phrase that’d never get old.



    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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