Sauber just unveiled their 2017 Formula 1 car.

    We’ve seen other teams tease their new cars, but the Sauber F1 Team have just officially unveiled their 2017 Formula 1 car. The new model is known as the Sauber C36-Ferrari, thanks to the Ferrari power plant inside.

    Those paying attention to the top tier of motorsport technology would know this year sees the introduction of some of the largest vehicle rules in decades. This means the the category will see a reset and the dramatic changes to power, aero and tyres means almost every piece of data they have from years gone by is useless, its start over in 2017.

    The car looks great in its blue, white and gold livery. You’ll definitely notice the shark fin behind the driver’s head, present in years gone by, it looks set to return to the grid this year. You’ll also notice there’s large white sections in the livery, crying out for more sponsorship.

    Check out those rear tyres, significantly wider than before in an effort by the FIA to return the focus on mechanical grip, improving the ability to pass compared to the aero-reliant cars of the last few years. This should stack up to better racing for fans.

    Marcus Ericsson will test the new car on track in Spain this week, when it is rolled out at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya for a filming day prior to next week’s first official pre-season test.

    New recruit Pascal Wehrlein will get his first chance behind the wheel, as long as the German’s back injury doesn’t rule him out.

    Renault will be the next team to unveil their 2017 car, the R.S.17 in London on Wednesday.

    The first round of the 2017 Formula 1 season is in Melbourne from the 23rd to 26th March.

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