SEA Electric announces slick new electric van, range of up to 273km for last-mile deliveries

    SEA Electric is a company we’ve been reporting on for a while, being one shining example of vehicle production still left in the country. Based out of Melbourne, the company has done a great job at retro-fitting electric drive trains into existing vehicles, but is now embarking on a whole new venture.

    Introducing the cute, modern, SEA Electric SV6 EV step van.

    This thing definitely has Arrival vibes (before they ruined it), the van is designed to tackle the last‐mile deliveries and was revealed this week at Work Truck Week in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

    “Our mission is to eliminate approximately 2.5 billion lbs of CO2 emissions over the next five years.

    When compared to a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle, the benefits extend far beyond energy effiencies. From an operational perspective, lower maintenance and running costs are a given, with the elimination of diesel consumption and fewer moving parts minimising service costs.

    Our users can fully expect to recover any purchase price premium within a maximum five years, plus this return is often bolstered further depending on state or local initiatives available.”

    Tony Fairweather, founder and CEO of SEA Electric.

    The van will be powered by the company’s SEA‐Drive 120b power‐system, with its 335hp and 1,845 lb‐ft performance ratings capable of handling any situation. When we talk about vans and deliveries, the big question is around the load capacity and the SEA SV6 EV is designed to carry up to 11,793 (or 26,000 lbs) making it what many refer to as a Class 6 vehicle.

    Under the sleek body, lies a 138kWh battery pack, delivering a range of up to 273km or 170 miles when empty, which obviously reduces depending on the weight of the load carried. For the last mile deliveries in metro environments, this would be more than adequate.

    The SV6 EV van is capable of fast charging at a rate of up to 100kW. The batteries come with a 5‐year warranty, with the warranty of the systems covering 3 years or 80,000km (50,000 miles). The nature of the mid‐mounted batteries improves safety and driving dynamics, while also supplying power to all ancillary systems.

    SEA Electric says a mobile app and fleet portal is currently in development and will soon be released to complement the onboard telemetry. It’s also great to hear the company isn’t stopping here, with plans for a Class 3, 4, and 5 step‐van solution (SEA SV3 EV, SEA SV4 EV, and SEA SV5 EV) as well.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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