SEA Electric goes from strength to strength, expands leadership team

While SEA Electric started out as a great Australian business, their electric vehicle efforts in the commercial space can not be contained and the company is expanding it’s leadership in the Global Headquarters out of the US.

After creating EV retrofits of multiple truck form factors, SEA Electric has been successful in selling all-electric garage trucks, cherry pickers, food delivery and more. While Australia is an important original story, the US offers a much larger potential for growth, with various manufacturing and technology capabilities and the company believes that growth can later be replicated in Europe.

“The sheer size of the opportunities before us, which began in Australia and the Pacific region, are exponentially growing within the US and European markets. We have an extremely compelling story to tell, from the solid foundation of the technology and people behind us in our original home in Australia to those who are joining our journey worldwide. We are anxious for the future and the positive direction it holds.”

Tony Fairweather, SEA Electric president and founder

On the heels of its recent US $42 million equity financing announcement, SEA Electric also closed its latest purchase of 1,000 electric vehicle batteries from long-time technology partner Soundon New Energy Technology (China’s leading environmental protection industry enterprise).

This important transaction supports SEA Electric’s proprietary SEA-Drive 70, 100 and 120 major power-system models. While most of the initial units are slated for the United States, the balance will go to SEA Electric inventories in Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, as well as the company’s first entry into the European market.

Continuing to balance a recent string of successful business strategies, global automotive technology company SEA Electric, is expanding the leadership team in its US-based global headquarters with the recent management additions of Michael (Mike) Menyhart, Chief Strategy Officer and Kathleen(Katie)LaVoy, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary.  Both executives secure a strong Midwest presence, bridging SEA Electric’s national expanse which already includes the West Coast, an innovation center in Iowa and plans to build a presence in the greater New York area.

According to Tony Fairweather, SEA Electric president and founder, the company’s biggest learnings over the past year may well have been their silver lining. 

 “The virtual and remote world in which we’ve all become accustomed has opened opportunities for talents and human capital not tied to a single location – and our growth is a living example.  The management team we have created, and now led by Mike and Katie, provide access to the best talent to match our world class technology and IP.”

Tony Fairweather, SEA Electric president and founder

Menyhart joins SEA Electric with a strong background in banking, corporate development, finance, and general management with former senior positions at Accenture, SunTrust Bank, and Genpact. His experience brings a solid foundation and base of capital markets relationships that can lead SEA Electric through its natural evolution toward one as a publicly-traded company. In addition, his previous work in the digital transformation and advanced technology space will help keep SEA Electric as the leader in commercial electric vehicle power systems.

Michael Menyhart, Chief Strategy Officer

“It’s exciting to become involved in an industry and company that will not only deliver tremendous global environmental impact but also deliver compelling outcomes for our clients through unmatched total cost of ownership and reliability.

We are in a position to lead the movement for global environmental sustainability.  The delivery and logistics industry is at an inflection point and SEA Electric is driving the industry transformation from harmful greenhouse gases to zero emissions.  We will make a huge difference in the world while significantly improving the driver experience and building a better alternative to the internal combustion engine.”

The addition of Katie LaVoy as General Counsel and Corporate Secretary brings proven expertise of strategic thinking and commercial knowledge to find legal and compliance solutions.

Katie LaVoy as General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

“Good governance starts before you go public. My number one goal is to apply my past experience and leadership from public companies to build the worldwide compliance necessary for SEA Electric to be regarded as a top tier company – one that positions its technology and sustainability on the forefront and recognizes the people that created it.”

LaVoy’s various leadership roles have stemmed from 13 years of experience at the publicly traded Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation – a large global corporation within the maritime industry that enables marine transportation.  She holds a doctorate of law degree from the Northwestern University School of Law and an Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.  Her litigation portfolio includes delivering high-value legal solutions to challenging issues.

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