Seesmic for Windows, my new default Twitter client!

    Seesmic Desktop for Windows

    TweetDeck, your time to shine is now over. There’s a new kid on the block and it’s Seesmic for Windows. Those familiar with the twitter client war will know Seesmic Desktop has been available in Windows for months now. The difference this time is it’s built as a native Windows app (using WPF) rather than Adobe’s AIR platform.

    One of the biggest criticisms of TweetDeck is it’s heavy resource usage, Seesmic Desktop for Windows seems much lighter, so it should run better if your on a lower-end machine.

    Seesmic Desktop for Windows

    Running on Windows 7, it’s got the nice list of features:

    • Window transparency effects
    • Support for Aero snap
    • Multiple monitor support
    • Multiple Account support
    • Draggable columns
    • List support
    • Modify search columns
    • Customisable URL shortener / image uploader

    On the negative side, you can’t resize the columns and there’s no Facebook integration, something I really hope is added in the future. Unfortunately there’s also no use of Windows 7 Jump Lists.

    Below is a gallery of images from the application.

    Profile pane
    Seesmic Desktop for Windows

    Browser-type Search box
    Seesmic Desktop for Windows

    Modify your search
    Seesmic Desktop for Windows

    Tabbed controls
    Seesmic Desktop for Windows 

    Services Options
    Seesmic Desktop for Windows

    If you want to check it out for yourself, just head over to

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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