Self Publishing is coming to Xbox One


We already knew that developers were going to get to write apps for the Xbox One, but Microsoft has just made a big announcement over on Facebook. Microsoft say that everyone can be a creator for the upcoming console and Marc Whitten, Chief Product Officer for Xbox has announced that Self Publishing is coming to Xbox One.

Apparently we’ll find out lots more on exactly how this would work at Gamescon in August. Pitching the ‘everyone can be a creator’ points towards a consumer-level, easy-to-build development system, rather than using Visual Studio which while extremely powerful isn’t really approachable for everyday people.

Independent developers left E3 being really concerned about Microsoft’s support for them on Xbox One and took a lot of heat online from Sony fans. This feels like the first indication that now Don Mattrick is out, the new CPO is ready to fix the unpopular policies. It does seem strange that Microsoft let Build, WPC and E3 all go by without making this announcement, then just posting it on Facebook.


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