Shared Links may be the best feature of OSX Mavericks

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Sorry Chrome, your great, but in Mavericks, Safari is better. This is for one simple reason, Shared Links. I found myself using this all the time to the point where I now want it as a feature in every browser. While there is a lot new in OSX Mavericks, this may be the single most important day-to-day feature. Shared Links is a panel on the left of the Safari browser window that allows you to see all the shared links from your contacts across multiple social networks, just Twitter and Linked In for now.

Whenever I had a few minutes to spare, I jump to the Shared Links panel for content discovery. While twitter is fantastic, the signal to noise ratio isn’t great, that can instantly be reduced by just showing posts that contain links. This seriously changes the game for content discovery on a mac and Windows needs an answer to this.

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