Shazam 3.0 update for Windows Phone now available


After recently updating their iPhone app, Shazam have now turned their attention to Windows Phone. Shazam allows your phone to listen to the audio in the room using the microphone. It uses this short recording to detect an audio fingerprint and match the sounds with a database of content.

In the update you’ll find an improved layout along with a more social experience, providing a new way to browse what your friends have been watching and listening to.

Some of the new features are:

  • Redesign for Windows Phone 8
  • New Live Tiles
  • Faster Tagging
  • Localized for 16 Languages
  • Lock Screen Background
  • A location tag feature, enabling you to discover tags in your area, then buy or share the most popular music people are listening to around you.
  • Charts – top tags in your country

The update is available on WP8 now, so we took some screen shots of the updated UI. Check them out below and let us know what you think in the future.

As for the Shazam app on Windows 8, the company say we “should expect an announcement on this very soon”. While you may have your phone in your pocket, you’ve probably got your laptop on your knees when in front of the TV. This has huge potential to integrate with TV. While TV support is available internationally, it’s yet to come to Australia.

Officially the there is no timeline for support for the tagging of TV shows in Australia for either app, which means we need to campaign to get local support.


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