SHIFT 2 Unleashed drifts towards realistic experience

NFS Shift 2

Developers Slightly Mad Studios say the want to create a realistic driving experience. To achieve that, they’ve worked with real drivers to ensure the experience they have on-track is matched in the game. A decent concept, one that looks to be paying off.

The challenge of creating the ultimate realistic driving game is certainly one many have tried and many have failed. To start with developers are always restricted by the hardware requirements of today’s consoles. Then look at everything that needs to be developed accurately – environment, crowd, track, textures, a feeling of motion, tyre smoke, damaged bodywork to name a few. The odds are certainly stacked against them, but wether SHIFT 2 gets it right or not, I applaud them for trying.

With each iteration of a game and every year that passes, console hardware is being pushed to the absolute limit ! The last title to try was GT5 but failed dismally with it damage engine. The cars sure looked great, but full immersion only comes when the experience doesn’t break down along the way. Fingers crossed.

Realistically I think it’ll take the horsepower of next generation consoles to really achieve this, which currently aren’t even being discussed. At least not publically. Check out the video below to see a number of real life vs in-game footage and let me know what you think in the comments.


More information @ Kotaku

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