Skitch Windows 8 app released, basic annotate and share

    Skitch for Windows 8

    If you’re running the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you’re probably getting used to checking for apps. Whilst a new thing for Windows users, smartphone users are quite familiar with the ‘see what’s new’ practice. Right now there’s a trickle feed of new apps coming out and the latest is Skitch.

    Skitch is an image based edited which lets you annotate, draw and share your images. For those of you paying attention, you’d know that Evernote acquired Skitch, so naturally you can login and store your work with Evernote. The app also takes advantage of Windows 8’s Share contract, which will get your handy work out to friends via Mail or FlipToast. As more Share target apps become available, this list will grow.

    The functionality of Skitch is pretty basic, with lines, arrows, shapes and text all available, you could practice your draw something skills. The app lets you take new photos with any cameras you have attached, as well as accessing your existing Photos.

    As with all apps right now, its free, so if you have Windows 8, check it out.


    Other new apps
    Just a quick mention for a couple of other new entries into the Win8 Store, Epson Print Center (beta) and Givit a Music and Video app, also worth a free download.

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