Solid State finally affordable: 120GB SSD for $79.95

120GB Kingston SSD for $80

Often daily deals sites are loaded with products you couldn’t care less about, but storage, particularly SSD is something everyone has a need for. Shopping Square are offering a Kingston 120GB SSD for just $79.95. Even with postage added, this is an awesome price for a drive that reports to get 535MB/s read speeds.

Sure the drive may be SATA3 rather than SATA6, but Andrew points out in the comments that Kingston refer to SATA3 as version 3 which is SATA 6.0Gbps, the drive also supports Trim. For less than $100, reasonably priced (and sized) solid state storage is finally affordable for the massive. If 120GB isn’t large enough for your storage needs, there’s also the 240GB version for just $184.95.


More info @ Shopping Square.

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