Some lucky Aussies are getting free upgrades to Model 3 Performance Stealth

Tesla are finally delivering Model 3s to Australian customers at scale, with dozens per day now sharing photos of their new pride and joy online.

In what we understand to be a end of quarter push to get all deliveries out the door, some customers are getting an amazing offer.

Multiple Model 3 purchasers have now confirmed that they have received a phone call from Tesla offering them a free upgrade from the Long Range AWD model that they ordered, to the Performance Stealth model.

So what’s going on here? It appears to be a reassignment of stock from cancelled orders in an effort to deliver as many cars that have arrived in Australia as possible.

If you’re one of these lucky people, you’ll get a much better car for the same dollars. The Performance Stealth, officially known as the Long Range AWD Performance, it features a slight drop in range from 620km (NEDC), down to a still very healthy 560km, while the big benefit is a drop in the 0-100km/hr time from 4.5 to just 3.4 seconds.

On all levels this is an amaizng deal and will likely only be offered to a lucky few.

Given the model is no longer being made any more, it’s likely Tesla staff are under instruction to move those models which were build as much as 2 months ago. The Long Range AWD models would be fairly easy to reallocate and therefore a lower priority to move before the end of September.

Personally I ordered and will take delivery of my Model 3 Performance Stealth next monday.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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  1. This is better deal I will definitely refuse this Tesla deal if they offer me this deal for 440km rane to 560km might accept it if price range is not too different

  2. Range is the same from LR AWD to LR AWD P (Or P3D- as its known also). Refer and compare the Model 3 LR AWD 18″ with the Model 3 P 18″ which is the same spec. Only difference is the bits that allow higher top speed and faster 0-100. That is supposedly higher rated motor and other electronics to supply higher amps to the motor.

    • No they are not built anymore, The Model 3 Performance comes with the performance package included now you are no longer able to order it with out the lowered suspension, rims, brakes, spoiler that come with the “Performance Package”.

      I have the Performance Light (Minus or Stealth some call it) as I didn’t want the 20″ rims and the lowered suspension and the brakes I never use (1 Peddle Update), as when I went to order it I couldn’t only long range or Full Performance so I order Long Range then got offered an upgrade to the Performance Light.

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