Someone at Tesla had fun with the Model Y invite

Tesla’s next vehicle is the Model Y and this week invites went out to press. Included in the email invite was the teaser image we’d all seen from Musk’s initial reveal (plus mirrors).

A fairly common trick with leaked or preview images is to modify the image settings, usually levels to reveal detail hiding in the shadows, or black areas of the image.

In the past some companies have made the error of taking a full photo of an unreleased product and darkening it, but that left enough detail in for a quick photoshop edit to reveal detail they were ready to reveal to the world.

With the Model Y invite, word started to spread on social media that Tesla hadn’t made this mistake, but rather hid an easter egg in the invite image.

Clearly someone at Tesla has a sense of humour and is also very familiar we use this technique. As you can see in the video below, by adjusting the image levels, the front of the car reveals the words ‘NICE TRY’.

Well played Tesla, we’ll see you on March 14th (15th Aussie time) for the official reveal.

For those unfamiliar with the Model Y, it is to the Model X what the Model 3 is to the Model S. Basically the car is a smaller, or mid-sized SUV. What we don’t know yet is how much Model 3 is in the Model Y.

If the decisions made in the design (and cost savings) in the Model 3 are repeated (no air suspension, manual door handles, horizontal display) then the Model Y could be much closer to a jacked up Model 3, rather than a downsided Model X.

The timing of the event is particularly interesting to Australians. While we still wait for the production of RHD Model 3’s, many Aussies are currently waiting to get the customisation email, after pre-ordering the Model 3 over the past couple of years.

There’s definitely a percentage of local pre-orders that’ll be cancelled after the reveal of the Model Y, as some people are prepared to wait for the deliver of the next model, while others are on a vehicle upgrade cycle that means the Model 3 (coming in the second half of this year) is the better option.

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