SONOS add a subwoofer to their lineup

If you enjoy the luxury of owning a multi-room audio system by SONOS, then good news, there’s yet another way to expend that money burning a hole in your pocket. The SONOS Sub is a soul-shaking, heart pounding design with a one button setup. Set to be released on June 19th, the black lacquer finish will set you back a steep $999 (US$699), with a matt black version due for release in September. It’s undeniably striking and the simple, place it anywhere in the room design is impressive, but ouch, that is a premium price.

SONOS have provided a video to show off the new speaker, complete with vibrating liquid to distract you from the price. If you can stomach the price, complete with Australian tax, it one sexy looking piece of kit. While you may be able to hide it behind or under a couch, you’ll want to show this off, front and center in you’re living room. There is a choice to be made however, that’s between buying one SONOS Sub, or two Play 5’s to spread sound to two more rooms of your house.

More details and the hardcore audiophile can find specs from

Via TechCrunch.


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