Sony ISP launches the worlds fastest home internet.. listening, Coalition?


    A Sony-backed ISP in Japan has launched a 2Gbps home internet service, which it claims is the fastest internet service in the world for home use.

    The service began to be offered yesterday to homes, apartments and small business’ in Tokyo and will only cost around $50(AUD) a month with a $52(AUD) set up fee. Upload speeds will also be up to 1Gbps. Consumers most likely won’t see these speeds, though, due to their own personal network adapters not being able to handle the speeds.

    The company said the service includes rental of an ONU (optical network unit) designed to handle the high speeds.

    The Japanese government has strongly backed the fiber connections to private residences, in particular FTTH and has the second-highest percentage of households connected in the world, second only to the UAE where 70% of households run FTTH connections.

    I know that in highly dense countries like Japan it makes it easier to roll out fiber networks like this, but the Australian government, in particular the Coalition needs to notice that this is the way the world is moving and that there is no point upgrading our networks to still leave us behind in the world stage. If we want to keep our economy strong, local business’ strong and the country strong as a whole, we need to advance and beat the world not just do what is good enough for now.

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