Sorry Boxee Box, D-Links cheating on you, introducing Iomega TV.

Iomega TV

Digital Trends has a great post about a brand new hardware device from D-Link. While we seen a dedicated hardware set-top box with a cute-angled design from D-link in late 2010, D-Link aren’t stopping there. The Iomega TV set-top box has one significant difference – local store. Available in 1 or 2TB versions, the price is likely to be more expensive than Boxee Box, but both run the same Boxee software.

Another similarity is the remote with qwerty keyboard on the back. One advantage of coming second is that you can improve on what came before you. The front of the remote at first glance is more complex, but any boxee box user will see it as better functionality. The inclusion of a dedicated Home button is a big deal, something really missing from Boxee Box, at times you can be 4-5 levels deep with the only option available being the back button.

Iomega TVIomega TV

While the Iomega TV box is certainly not as sexy, unique or conversational as the Boxee Box, Iomega focus more on function, rather than form. It’s expected the latest Boxee-running set-top box will start at a recommended price of US$229.99, but that’s with no storage. Expect an the 1 and 2TB versions to be priced at $299.99 and $349.99 respectively.

Its expected the device will go on sale in the US in February, lets hope for Boxee fans that’s an international launch so there’s some competition in the market. Oh an by the way.. a ‘feature’ of the Iomega is that it will stack on top of your existing home entertainment gear.

Like most announcements this week, expect more detail to be released as CES officially starts, later this week.

Iomega TV
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Ubergizmo has all the specs on the device, head over there now to get the details.

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