Sorry haters, Amazon killed it yesterday in Aus, with biggest Opening Day ever

Yesterday there was a lot written about Amazon and their local launch. Yesterday was never meant to be a fire sale, the crazy prices will come, but yesterday was about one thing.. opening the doors. Turning on the platform for a whole country of sellers and buyers is a pretty monumental feat. It turns out, our Australain launch was actually the biggest launch yet for the company, which is a pretty staggering statistic given Australia is tiny in relation to the volume of other markets.

Aussie do love our technology and are very well versed in shopping online, so having single destination where you can shop for products across 23 categories meant seen the highest number of orders of any launch day in Amazon history. Tens of thousands of customers visited the website during the first 24 hours placing orders.

Rocco Braeuniger, Country Manager of Amazon Australia said,

“We are thankful to Australian customers for making this a landmark day in Amazon history. From early in the day, we experienced visitor numbers that far exceeded our expectations,”

“Yesterday was day one for our retail offering in Australia. We will be working hard today and in the long term to continue to enhance our offering and to provide customers with an ever-increasing selection of products at low prices.”

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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