SoundGecko adds Facebook Login

    Website-to-voice service SoundGecko has just made it easy to get into the action. You can now sign in using your Facebook account. While there are certainly anti-Facebook people out there, for most of us, Facebook login is so ubiquitous that simplifies credentials. Any opportunity to avoid remembering yet another username and password is very, very welcome.

    It is important to point out that Facebook is not required, the traditional SoundGecko login is still available. For now the Facebook login is not available for mobile apps  Windows Phone due to the lack of a Facebook SDK for the platform, so you can’t forget that password just yet.

    Since we last covered SoundGecko, they have received international attention and are going from strength to strength. There’s now a Pro version that lets you automatically transcribe up to 100 feeds or 30,000 words per month. Normally it’s $7.95, but they currently have a holiday special for just $2.95 and that price sticks for life!

    Have you tried Sound Gecko? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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