Sphero’s interactive Spider-Man now available as movie hits theatres

    Sphero of have once again created an amazing partnership with Hollywood to produce an interactive Spiderman. On the back of the Star Wars BB-8 and the Ultimate Lightning McQueen, Sphero’s Spider-Man is well times, with the interactive toy now available for your home as the latest Spiderman movie, ‘Spiderman Homecoming’ opens in Australian theatres today.

    After powering on little Spidey, the voice combined with custom animated eye-shaped LCD displays as eyes, brings Spidey to life. It features hours of entertainment with 25 super villain missions, 20 stories, 100 jokes and 15 games to play.

    When interacting with Spider-Man, just double-press on the spider logo on his chest, and you can start delivering voice commands and embark on missions against the most notorious villains in engaging experiences every decision you make creates a new path forward, so your unique journey will continue to evolve.

    What you get out of the box is just the start as Spidey’s Wi-Fi capabilities allow for new missions, villains, and other automatic updates. When not fighting bad guys, hang out and strike up some banter with your friendly neighborhood hero.

    Using motion detection, he can come to life as people (your guests) are passing by. That’s sure to be a conversation starter. You can also use the mobile companion app to set him up as an alarm clock. If you ever need to know the time, you can ask Spidey, then get prepared for a cute response full of personality that’ll entertain both kids and adults.

    What’s Included?

    In the box you’ll find a charging base, Micro USB Cable (to connect to the charger), a quick start guide and legal stuff.

    Tech Specs

    When it comes to the product specs, here’s all the detail, albeit small, this product packs a bunch of technology.

    • Premium silicone finish
    • Bluetooth Smart BLE connection
    • Web Charging base (over 2 hours of play on a full charge)
    • Spider-Man Interactive App (free) available through iTunes or Google Play store.
    • Expressive LCD eyes
    • Microphone
    • High-fidelity speaker
    • 3D accelerometer
    • Dimensions – Height: 21.5cm – Width: 14.5cm – Weight: 680g


    Price and Availability

    In Australia, the Spider-Man by Sphero retails for A$249.99 and is available from Apple Stores, EB Games, Zing Stores, LS Travel (tech2go & News Link).

    For more information, head over to

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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