Spotify app for Xbox found live in the Web Store

    Over the weekend news of the long awaited Spotify Music app for the Xbox One went crazy after being spotted in a weekly update video from Major Nelson. Now we have further confirmation (thanks to @developersteve) the app is coming with a live link to the Xbox Online store to ‘Spotify Music – for Xbox’.

    The page features screenshots of the app as well as a feature list and description. Unfortunately the app still can’t be downloaded, but is surely not far away if they’ve got the store page ready.

    Spotify on Xbox One is important as many music listening fans have settled on Spotify as their streaming music provider of choice. Despite Microsoft offering a similar service with Groove, Spotify has the user base and there’s a massive crossover of Spotify and Xbox users. Being able to stream your favourite playlists in the background as you play your favourite game is a massive feature and something that’s been enjoyed by PC gamers and PS4 users for years now. Lets face it, most in-game music is pretty terrible, so muting that and playing DJ yourself is often a much better option.

    Those familiar with how multi-platform apps work in Microsoft’s Store will notice this is a dedicated app, specifically for Xbox, rather than simply adding to available platforms on the existing Spotify app for PC. The reason for this is unclear, but is potentially a result of the apps development coming from a different code base, rather than a single UWP project.


    Soundtrack your gaming with the new Spotify app, free on Xbox One. Listen to your favorite music as you play any game, and browse playlists for every mood using your Xbox One Controller. Take listening to the next level with Spotify.

    • Listen to music in the background while you game, for free.
    • Browse your favourite albums, songs and playlists.
    • Easy playback from your Xbox One Controller, or change tunes from your mobile or tablet without leaving the game.
    • Find the perfect playlist for epic gaming in the Gaming genre (in Browse) on Spotify. Premium users can listen in higher quality audio and without ads.



    • Play music free and on-demand
    • Listen in the background
    • Control music on your phone, without interrupting your game
    • Enjoy curated gaming playlists
    • Search any song
    • Listen ad-free and in HQ audio (Premium)


    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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