Start your car with your phone! Introducing VIPER SmartStart

VIPER StartSmart

In one of the coolest uses of technology, VIPER SmartStart from Directed Electronics allows your to unlock and start your car’s engine remotely. Using either iPhone, Android or Blackberry, the VIPER app communicates with your car to lock and unlock your doors, pop the boot, sound a panic alarm and even start your engine !

Just to show off, the guys at Directed Electronics recently set a world record by starting a vehicle remotely from 16,000kms away ! Why you would ever want to do that is beyond me, but hey if it impresses your friends, good for you.

StartSmart GPS

To get this magic to work we clearly need hardware in the car to communicate with the vehicle electronic systems and your smart phone app. This is done with the purchase and installation of a SmartStart DSM250i module into the vehicle. Unfortunately there’s a yearly subscription to pull off this futuristic functionality.

The Viper SmartStart module will be available in early November 2011, available from selected retail outlets for A$399 plus installation. Subscriptions start at $69 per year up to $129 for the GPS tracking, so as usual, being on the bleeding edge of technology comes at a premium. Still this is kind of awesome, if you get a Christmas bonus, you may want to consider the VIPER StartSmart and impress your friends.

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