Survey finds just 8% would use a self-driving car for work, with 31% using the time for “other things”

    With the path to driverless cars becoming clearer, it’s time to think about how you would use that extra time you typically spent paying attention to the road.

    According to a new survey conducted by We-Vibe, it seems doing work is well down the list, sorry boss.

    Instead, Aussies said, if given a self-driving car, 20% would spend their travel time having sex and 11% would masturbate, while only 8% percent would dedicate the extra time to work.

    Autonomous vehicles are also likely to be incredibly connected vehicles, which means you could potentially leave home later and start your work day, from the time you start your commute.

    It seems even Netflix and chill is a more likely scenario and this means we really need to consider how we do windows. Right now, there are legal requirements to prevent you from tinting your front windscreen and limited to the tint on the side and rear windows. This all centres around the driver needing to see outside the vehicle, essentially to drive it.

    With an array of cameras and sensors external to the vehicle, seeing outside the vehicle will become less relevant, as we march towards a world of driverless cars.

    This idea of taking sex out on the road comes as no surprise when Aussie women’s top sexual fantasy is outdoor sex (34% of survey respondents) followed by role play (24% of survey respondents) – both which could be fulfilled in a self-driving car.

    The survey also touched on Aussies keen interest in experimenting with VR, with 28% of men and 19% of women expressing a desire to watch porn through VR glasses.

    Of course, adult toys have often been on the leading edge of technology, embracing connectivity to enable long-distance relationships to flourish.

    “With our cutting-edge technology, Aussie respondents expressing their desire for more futuristic sex toy advancements won’t be needing a time machine.

    Our range of intuitive tech-powered sex toys are here right now, offering everything from hands-free vibration to touch-responsive controls that change with your body’s natural movements.”

    WOW Tech APAC General Manager, Alberto Cuccagna
    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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