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    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 addresses my biggest complaint

    Overnight, Samsung held their Galaxy Unpacked event for 2024 which seen a series of new hardware announcements. Samsung's new Galaxy Z Fold 6 addresses one of my biggest complaints when I reviewed last year's Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 5. Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 6 features many changes, but the most important for me is the increase in size to the front display. Now...

    Almost everyone has DeathTouch in the new Assassin’s Creed × Magic: The Gathering set

    The latest Magic: The Gathering crossover collaboration is here. Dive into the Animus and travel back in time and journey with characters from Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise.

    Avatar Extended Collector’s Edition coming Nov 24, 2010

    Not content with making more than 2.7 billion (with a B) at the box office, Twentieth Century Fox have announced global release...

    Sharp integrate Blu-ray burning to TVs, copy protection? disc cost ?

    Whilst the television technology break-throughs of recent years have largely been the realm of LG, Sharp says ‘Not so fast’, busting...

    Sony open Blu-ray plant in NSW, Australia – tonight !!

    Tonight, Sony are opening a multi-million dollar Blu-ray manufacturing plant. Apparently us Aussies love our Blu-ray (I can vouch for that). Question is, are...