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    xAI turns on 100,000x liquid-cooled Nvidia H100s in Memphis Supercluster

    @xai is building a new Artificial Intelligence training cluster which combines the compute of 100,000 of Nvidia's best chip (for now), the H100 which retails for around US$30,000 each. Elon Musk took to @x to announce that the xAI, X and Nvidia teams all worked together to get the new liquid-cooled AI training cluster operational. At 4:20am, it's clear the team were working hard to get...

    BYD owner suffers vandalism while using kerbside EV charger in Newcastle

    A BYD owner has had their charging cable damaged overnight, as they charged their Atto 3 Electric Vehicle. The charging location was on kerbside charging available at the Victoria Theatre, located at 8/10 Perkins St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia (Plugshare link). The site features overnight charging for up to 4 vehicles and delivers AC charging at 7kw from light pole mounted chargers. These chargers were installed by...

    The new Chevy Bolt EV concept was built in Australia

    While Holden have announced production of vehicles in Australia will come to an end in 2017, there is good signs for engineering talent....