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    BYD owner suffers vandalism while using kerbside EV charger in Newcastle

    A BYD owner has had their charging cable damaged overnight, as they charged their Atto 3 Electric Vehicle. The charging location was on kerbside charging available at the Victoria Theatre, located at 8/10 Perkins St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia (Plugshare link). The site features overnight charging for up to 4 vehicles and delivers AC charging at 7kw from light pole mounted chargers. These chargers were installed by...

    Crowdstrike causes the largest IT outage in history, massive questions about testing regime

    Yesterday was one of the craziest days in IT, if you know an IT Administrator, best to give them a hug, they probably need one. CrowdStrike is an American cybersecurity company that provides endpoint security software, used by more than 20,000 companies and is installed on millions of PCs. Yesterday the company released an update to their security software which included a bug that...

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