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    REVIEW: Netgear RS700 WiFi 7 Router is ready for the future of multi-gig internet, but you’ll pay for that

    Home internet is evolving fast, powered by dramatically faster internet connections, the limiting factor is often no longer the cable coming into your hour, but rather the router you use to connect your devices to the internet. If you're on the NBN, many Australian homes are connected to fibre-to-the-premesis (FTTP), or at least fibre-to-the-curb, alternatively, you may have a connection coming from something like...

    REVIEW: DJI Power 500 Review, portable power for your drones, phones and everything else

    There's a wide range of use cases for portable power, as so much of our lives rely on it. The portable battery storage industry is really gaining momentum, with the most recent entrant being DJI. On the surface, portable batteries may be a strange fit in the product portfolio of a drone maker, but when we look a little deeper, it makes a lot...

    Uber needs to update their EV knowledge, not recognising Volvo XC40 Recharge

    On Uber's website, they say they're committed to helping the world move towards zero-emissions and by 2040, will have 100% of rides taking place...

    Ride-sharing service Revel, tears out the passenger seat of a Model Y and uses Aussie-built Tritium RTM75 chargers

    New ride sharing service Revel is offering a fully electric future, exclusively using Tesla's for their fleet. Pictured above is just part of their...

    Review: Zoomo Sport eBike

    A compelling eBike with a purpose.