TCL making 65” 4K TVs “affordable”, 2 years ahead of expectations


The word affordable is clearly a relative term based on you financial position in life. Those with an adequate amount of what I like to refer to as, ‘crazy cash’ should definitely turn their disposable income into a 65” 4K TV. This Ultra-high definition television from TCL features that stunning 4096×2160 pixel count, enough to make your eyes well up with joy.

TCL is the first company to announce a 4K TV under the $5K price point. Most of us have seen the $15,000 price tags for 84” displays’ from the likes of LG, Samsung, Sony and expected the sub-5K for 4K to take at least a couple of years. Well it seems Australians will be enjoying 4K much sooner than expected.

The TCL E5691 will go on sale this September, so if you really, seriously love someone, get them an amazing Christmas gift of UHD. Now ‘affordability’ is one thing of displays, that’s a relatively simply thing to solve, however 4K content is the bigger challenge.

The TV will support apps like YouTube (which does have 4K content) as well as SBS On Demand, Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter. Have you got that NBN thing yet? You’ll need it to feed this beast.

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