TCL NXTWEAR G Glasses gives you a 140″ screen anywhere, anytime [Aussie first]

    You might be familiar with the brand TCL and even own one of their TVs, but it seems their experience in displays is now helping them deliver new products, as they launch the new NXTWEAR G Wearable Display Glasses.

    Available from today, Australians are the first anywhere in the world to be able to experience TCL’s new, truly innovative and fully immersive viewing experience that emulates a 140″ display.

    The product was first unveiled at CES, but given many products don’t make the leap between prototype and retail product, it was questionable if these would ever see the light of day. Well turns out the engineers at TCL have got it done and the NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses have arrived.

    Inside the glasses are dual micro OLED screens that are housed in a fairly stylish design, even if they do sit off your face further than traditional glasses would.

    The result is a hands-free personal viewing experience that can include a portable cinema for movie lovers, an immersive world for gamers, and making sports lovers feel like they are closer to the action than ever before, whether at home or out and about. 

    Consumers who experience the TCL NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses will also receive a bonus six-month subscription to Optus Sport, further emphasizing the immersive qualities these Smart Glasses deliver for sport and entertainment-lovers.

    “With 40 years of research and development, TCL continues to push the boundaries of innovation, and this includes challenging form factors in ways that will create new and exciting experiences for consumers.

    The TCL NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses epitomises this global commitment and emulates a 140-inch screen right before your eyes! We are thrilled that Australia will be the very first market anywhere in the world. Alongside four recently-launched smartphones, today’s launch shows a strong roadmap and commitment to the Australian market.”

    Joseph Corrente, Channel Manager for TCL Communication Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands.

    Experience smart vision with TCL NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses

    Offering a home-theatre style experience at-home or on-the-go, the NXTWEAR G Smart Glasses boast a sophisticated design and comfortable fit, while its stylish, reflective deep black exterior offers a high-end look and feel.

    Boasting leading display technology, the NXTWEAR G is integrated with 1080p high-definition Sony FHD Micro OLED panels to provide a great viewing experience. The perfectly positioned to deliver home theatre proportions, offering a 16:9 aspect ratio and emulating a 140-inch display right before a users’ eyes.

    The NXTWEAR G is worn exactly like a traditional pair of glasses, with no charging required and user-friendly plug-and-play functionality that is compatible with over 100 smartphones, tablets, hybrid two-in-one devices, and laptops supporting USB-C Type-C with DisplayPort Alternate Mode. Compatible with everything from the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Lenovo laptops and Acer tablets, NXTWEAR G can be utilised across a wide array of technology from leading brands.

    An open-fit design ensures that users of the NXTWEAR G maintain a degree of peripheral vision, enabling them to both lose themselves in a movie or sports event while maintaining a sense of their surroundings and immediate environment. The NXTWEAR G also offers 3D 4K content integrated with stereo speakers, allowing cinema scores, gameplay and concerts to be brought to life.

    Thanks to NXTWEAR G’s multi-screen interaction, consumers can toggle between several tasks at the same time. Whether users are immersed in a film or checking the weather, a simple rotation of the head allows the user to switch between screens for an all-in-one viewing experience.

    The streamlined, reflective deep black exterior of the NXTWEAR G is set against soft-touch nylon and silica gel which surround a metallic frame, creating a comfortable, skin-friendly fit and feel that’s also durable. Inside its carry case are three adjustable nose pad sizes to cater to every face shape as well as a lens adapter for a clear viewing experience for any optical prescription.

    Pricing and Availability

    The TCL NXTWEAR G Wearable Display Glasses are available today from Harvey Norman with a recommended retail price of A$899. While that is probably steep for something you’ll use occasionally, but when products offer unique experiences, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to charge a premium price.

    The bonus OPTUS SPORT 6 months Subscription with every NXTWEAR G purchase is available via redemption from

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