Tech.Ed Australia 2010: Day 3–Closing Party [photos]

Tech.Ed Australia 2010 closing party

Last night the Tech.Ed 2010 closing party was hosted at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. In previous years the closing party has been held at theme parks or night clubs, this year the closing party offered a number of activities for attendees to participate in.

Activities included gaming on the Xbox, cricket, giant chess, table tennis, human fuse ball, sumo wrestling, arcade machines and laser tag. Those wanting a more relaxed evening grabbed a seat in the main arena and was entertained by comedians and ‘musical talent’.

Props to Microsoft for having so many different elements for people to the 2,700 attendees to get involved in. The underground car park was completely transformed and with great lighting, smoke machines, loud music and arcade machines, it felt like you were transported to underground japan.

The biggest criticism of the event is that Kinect wasn’t available. After being teased with Kinect during the keynote, that’s the last we seen of it for the entire conference. Last night would have been a great opportunity for attendees to get first hand experience prior to its launch in November.

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Jason Cartwright
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