Tech furniture finally here, iPod couch

    Natuzzi — Surround iPhone iPod couch

    Gadgets are part of everyday life, from mobile phones, to portable gaming to netbooks and laptops, they’re everywhere. One common place we use our technology is in the lounge room, so it makes sense the other elements of a lounge evolve to support modern-day tech.

    Luxury furniture provider Danish Inspirations is selling a couch titled Surround by Natuzzi. The couch features an iPod / iPhone doc not only charges your device, but can also play tunes view an in-built speaker in the couch.

    Natuzzi — Surround Natuzzi — Surround

    Whilst we make all the effort in the world to hide the mass of cables that make up a home entertainment setup, inevitably the couch ends up being littered with charging and USB cables. This couch offers a neat solution to the problem, but this is potentially just the start. Imagine if your couch was wired so you could simply insert a USB thumbdrive or SD card and watch that content on your TV. Even better, would be a way to (safely) hide your laptop charger in your couch, with a retractable cable.

    Keep in mind upcoming iPad / Slate war, these devices are perfectly suited to be used on the couch, so why not have your couch support it. What about a pocket in the side of the couch for the iPad or Slate, or maybe that wireless keyboard for your gaming console or set-top box.

    Could furniture become a new tech category ? I sure hope so.

    More @ DanishInspirations via CrunchGear

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    Jason Cartwright
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